Smart Glasses

Our patented technology empowers users to experience live sign language interpreting, captioning, and pre-populated media directly through a pair of cutting-edge smart glasses.

Smart glasses
Seamless Access
Interpretation or captions are displayed over your environment following your every glance.
Lightweight & Portable
Their portability ensures accessibility in diverse settings.
Multiple Options
Stream interpretation live, or save pre-recorded media on device for synced interpretation without Wi-Fi.
Prescription Lenses
If needed, glasses can be set up with prescription lenses.

Our platform

SignGlasses takes pride in offering a versatile and user-centric platform, revolutionizing communication accessibility. Our platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, empowering users, administrators, interpreters, and captioners to connect effortlessly in various scenarios.

Scheduling tools
User management
Interpreter network
Study tools
Platform app screenshot

Interpreting services

Our expert team connects you with specialized interpreters for educational, business, medical, legal, or any other setting.

Certified Interpreters
Our top-tier certified interpreters cover diverse fields, ensuring precise and impactful communication.
Compliance Assurance
We strictly adhere to federal, state, and organizational requirements, providing licensed and qualified practitioners.
Secure Confidentiality
Our interpreters undergo rigorous background checks, ensuring privacy and integrity.
Flexible Access
Enjoy flexibility with interpreting services via SignGlasses or your preferred video conferencing platform.
Supported video platforms
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Captioning services

Whether it's for education, corporate events, web conferencing, live streams, or more, our expert captioners deliver high-quality, customizable captions tailored to your specific needs.

Industry-Leading Captioners
Excel in various domains to provide impeccable captioning tailored to your content.
Effortless Integration
Access our service on SignGlasses or seamlessly integrate with your preferred platforms.
Personalized Customization
Customize your experience easily with options for size and color preferences.
Instant Transcripts
Retrieve comprehensive transcripts instantly.

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Frequently asked questions

Are the smart glasses required to use the SignGlasses services?

No. While smart glasses can be a great option for venues, exhibits, attractions, entertainment, and hands-on environments such as labs and culinary or engineering settings, our users also have the option to connect with their interpreter or captioner directly through a laptop, tablet, or the SignGlasses mobile app.

Only one-way communication? Or two-way?

Two-way communication! Just like having an interpreter onsite, any of our Deaf users will be able to sign back and forth with the interpreter and also have the interpreter voice for them as needed.

Can we use the SignGlasses platform with our own staff / interpreters?

Yes! SignGlasses was born to complement and enhance your program's current resources and solutions. We can cover your full-time interpreting/captioning needs or just be a supplement in those situations where it is a struggle to find last minute options.