Improving learning
for deaf students

Our patented technology allows students to receive live sign language interpreting overlaid on top of the classroom environment through a pair of smart glasses.

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More than just
the glasses

We give you an entire software suite that works seamlessly with the glasses. It lets administrators manage students & interpreters. Students can re-watch every lecture w/ interpreting overlayed, make their own timestamped notes, and bookmark important parts of the lecture.

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Recorded Lectures
This feature is a huge deal for deaf students who have always had to rely on someone else’s notes to review material.
Bookmark Lectures
With a click of a button deaf students can bookmark a portion of a lecture for them to easily review earlier.
Searchable Notes
Deaf students can take their own notes if they like, or have their note-taker login to the platform. All notes are easily searchable afterwards, and timestamped so they take you to the exact part of the lecture.

Finally real tools to
level the playing field

For the first time deaf students will be able to review lectures and classes after the fact. All classes using our system are recorded, and can be played back with sign language interpreting. With a single click deaf students can bookmark parts of the lecture to review later.


No complicated

There is no complex setup or equipment needed for classrooms to support SignGlasses. All that it requires is an internet connection, the student’s laptop, and clip-on mic for the professor. Mic and glasses are provided by us.

Directors & Administrators
We have tools for you to easily add interpreters, students, and classes to the platform. See how active each student is on the platform to directly see the benefit.
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students
Our goal is to give them additional tools to achieve better educational outcomes by expanding the possibilities around live interpreting.
By expanding access points to their interpreted work, and making distance interpreting a real possibility, interpreters love our platform because it allows them to support students in a more comprehensive way.
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How do professors feel about being recorded?

In our talks with various professors we find that they are very willing to have lectures recorded to help students with disabilities. These recording are not publicly available, and only the enrolled deaf student will have access to them. After explaining this, we haven’t run into any objections.

What’s the cost of implementing Signglasses?

Because each school has vastly different needs let’s jump on a call to talk through your school/district’s needs. However, many schools find that we are able to dramatically cut costs by helping them avoid interpreter travel costs. Fill out the form to the right to setup a call & demo.

What’s included with the Signglasses platform?

We provide each deaf student with a pair of smart glasses, and a clip-on mic to give to their professor at the beginning of each class. It also comes with unlimited software licenses for admins, interpreters, and students. The software is just accessed through a browser by logging in.

How do deaf students feel about the product?

The most common reaction we get when students put on the glasses is amazement. This is really what they’ve been waiting for in their educational journey — more accessible options. The platform offers so many additional features that they’re excited to work with their in-person interpreter on a whole new collaborative level.

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