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SignGlasses Platform

Who are we

Founded in 2017, SignGlasses is a revolutionary tech startup committed to making a greater impact on the world through communication access for all. By leveraging the latest technological advancements, we have extended the availability and enhanced the delivery of Remote ASL/English interpretation, CART, and transcription services for organizations and educational institutions. Our extensive network of remote interpreters, captioners, and transcribers from around the United States combined with our innovative service delivery and management platform allow us to fill service requests within minutes, not days. Our technology enables our clients to efficiently manage the logistical process and quickly provide services over many different situations and unique settings.

Why we do
what we do

SignGlasses' mission is to give humans the power to communicate and form connections by bridging the gap between accessibility wherever and whenever needed.

This passion for communication and accessibility led to our innovative service delivery and management platform and SignGlasses being successfully awarded patents on the delivery of ASL/English interpretation services via smart glasses technology.

SignGlasses SmartGlasses
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