Frequently asked questions

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Are the smart glasses required to use the SignGlasses services?

No. While smart glasses can be a great option for venues, exhibits, attractions, entertainment, and hands-on environments such as labs and culinary or engineering settings, our users also have the option to connect with their interpreter or captioner directly through a laptop, tablet, or the SignGlasses mobile app.

Only one-way communication? Or two-way?

Two-way communication! Just like having an interpreter onsite, any of our Deaf users will be able to sign back and forth with the interpreter and also have the interpreter voice for them as needed.

Can we use the SignGlasses platform with our own staff / interpreters?

Yes! SignGlasses was born to complement and enhance your program's current resources and solutions. We can cover your full-time interpreting/captioning needs or just be a supplement in those situations where it is a struggle to find last minute options.

What are the costs and do your rates change for weekend/evening hours?

Because each institution has vastly different needs, let's jump on a call to talk through your institution's needs. However, many organizations have found that with our one-hour minimums, no practitioner travel costs, and reasonable cancellation fees, we are able to help them significantly reduce expenses by avoiding unnecessary charges.

Do you use speech-to-text technology for your live captioning?

No. Currently all the services we offer are live services. SignGlasses offers live Sign Language Interpreters and live CART/Typewell captioning.

What are the technical requirements to utilize the services through the SignGlasses platform?

It's actually not very much! We have a list we can easily send your way. Please reach out to us via to learn more.

Are your practitioners certified?

Yes, practitioners working with SignGlasses are required to have earned the certifications and/or licenses that are recognized by the company.

Do practitioners working with SignGlasses go through a background check?

SignGlasses conducts a background check for each individual working with the company in accordance with federal and state law. It is our policy to ensure that individuals working with SignGlasses are well qualified and have a strong potential to be productive and successful.

What is the cancellation policy?

All service sessions are subject to a 24-hour late cancellation policy per scheduled practitioner. Sessions scheduled for a period exceeding 4-weeks are subject to a 2 full week cancellation policy per scheduled practitioner.

Can we have two services (ASL and Captioning) for the same event?

Yes, you can! If both services are beneficial to the user, they can choose to use both services at the same time.

What is the difference between TypeWell and CART service?

Both services are in real-time. CART is short for Communication Access Realtime Translation which is verbatim (word-for-word) speech-to-text service conducted by a stenographer. Typewell is meaning-for-meaning interpretations by transcribers. See below for a comparison:


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Can interpreters or/and captioners meet in other platforms (i.e., Zoom, WebEx) than SignGlasses?

Absolutely! We are happy to go wherever we are needed. Our top priority is providing the accommodations that will be most beneficial, regardless of what platform is used.