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SignGlasses is the exclusive provider of sign language interpretation on smart glasses designed with educators and students in mind.

Enhanced Learning Experiences

Imagine students exploring complex subjects, participating in engaging lectures, or attending educational sessions with live sign language interpretation overlaid on their surroundings. SignGlasses elevate the learning experience to a new level of engagement.

Seamless Integration into Education

We've designed SignGlasses with educators and students in mind. They are user-friendly and intuitive, making them accessible to individuals of all tech backgrounds, from teachers to students.

Universal Availability

SignGlasses break down communication barriers in educational settings. Whether it's in a classroom, a lecture hall, or an online learning environment, SignGlasses ensure instant access to communication support for all students and educators effortlessly.

Meeting Educational Goals

Not all students with hearing loss know sign language. That's why we offer captioning as part of our accessibility accommodations. Whether it's a live lecture or a pre-recorded educational video, our services ensure all students have access to the content.

Sign Language Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting

Sign Language

  • Certified Interpreters: Accuracy and professionalism.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Connect from anywhere.
  • Platform Compatibility: Accessible on any video conference platform.


  • Certified Captioners: Delivering accurate captions for various sectors.
  • Transcripts: Access to transcripts.

Proprietary Platform

  • Lecture Capture: Easily record and bookmark interpreting sessions for future review and studying purposes.
  • Searchable Notes: Navigate effortlessly to find saved information.
  • Admin Account: Streamline service scheduling and manage user access.

Why Choose Us?

Clear communication is essential for successful education. SignGlasses is committed to ensuring that every student has equal access to knowledge and learning opportunities. Join the education revolution with SignGlasses and enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of your classrooms for all students.

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