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Enhance Accessibility in Your Venue

Not all individuals with hearing loss know Sign Language. SignGlasses offer captioning as part of our accessibility accommodations.

While ASL interpreters typically require a two-week advance notice with no guarantee of availability, which can potentially violate a person's accessibility rights, our services provide an alternative solution. Additionally, in attractions with low lighting or fast-paced environments, achieving clear visibility of sign language interpretation or printed scripts can be challenging. Our services ensure clear visibility and the seamless delivery of translations for all visitors.

Enhanced Experiences

Imagine exploring museums, enjoying attractions, or attending educational sessions with live sign language interpretation overlaid on your surroundings. SignGlasses elevate your experiences to a new level of engagement.


Designed with the modern workplace in mind, our services are user-friendly and intuitive, empowering both employees and visitors with accessibility at their fingertips. Equipped with autoplay technology, they provide instant sign language and captioning translation upon wearing, with zero setup hassle.

Universal Availability

SignGlasses break down communication barriers wherever, whether in a classroom, workplace, museum, or a fast paced environment like an amusement park. SignGlasses ensure your access effortlessly.

Patented Technology

The ONLY Sign Language Smart Glasses on the Market that offer users the option to receive live translation directly through a pair of smart glasses.

Sign Language Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting
Interpreter inside a planetarium
Footage of an on-site interpreter inside a planetarium

Unlock Instant Accessibility for Your Attraction

Did you know that requiring guests to request accommodations for your attraction weeks in advance may violate accessibility regulations? Federal regulations mandate that accessibility accommodations must be readily available upon request, especially for venues receiving federal funding.

Statistics show that most visitors prefer spontaneous trips with family, including grandparents experiencing late-onset hearing loss, deaf children, or friends. That's why SignGlasses offer immediate accessibility accommodations.

Need funding? Let us facilitate an introduction to the National Endowment for the Arts. Choose our technology to provide seamless accessibility for every guest, instantly. Your commitment to accessibility will enhance the overall experience and inclusivity of your venue.

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