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Chosen by users, our service offers cutting-edge technology and dedicated expert commitment, bringing significant cost savings for a transformative and inclusive communication experience across diverse sectors.

Seamless Communication, Anytime, Anywhere

Experience seamless communication in your workplace, whether it's during on-site or remote video conferences, with SignGlasses' unparalleled sign language interpretation and captioning services that ensure clear two-way communication.

Effortless Integration

Designed with the modern workplace in mind, our services are user-friendly and intuitive, empowering both employees and visitors with accessibility at their fingertips.

Universal Availability

SignGlasses obliterate communication barriers across the workplace and business use. From one-on-one, team, or board meetings to client presentations, SignGlasses ensure clear and instant access to communication support for everyone involved.

Meeting Workplace Goals

Not all individuals with hearing loss know sign language. That's why we offer captioning as part of our accessibility accommodations. Whether it's a live meeting or a recorded presentation, our services ensure that everyone has access to the content.

Sign Language Interpreting
Sign Language Interpreting

Sign Language

  • Certified Interpreters: Accuracy and professionalism.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Connect from anywhere.
  • Platform Compatibility: Accessible on any video conference platform.


  • Certified Captioners: Delivering accurate captions for various sectors.
  • Transcripts: Access to transcripts.

Proprietary Platform

  • Admin Account: provides access to invoice reports, session status, add or remove users, practitioners or other admin accounts.
  • Scheduling: effortlessly schedule ASL and Captioning services and conveniently track the sessions.
  • Transcripts: retrieve comprehensive transcripts instantly.
  • SignGlasses Live: support up to six users and two practitioners, offering features such as note-taking, session recording, and bookmarking key moments for later review.

Why Choose Us?

Clear communication is essential for successful education. SignGlasses is committed to ensuring that every student has equal access to knowledge and learning opportunities. Join the education revolution with SignGlasses and enhance the accessibility and inclusivity of your classrooms for all students.

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