Our patented technology
 offers users an option to receive live translation directly through a pair of smart glasses.

SignGlasses Smart Glasses

Recorded Lectures

Classes using our system can be recorded to be played back with translations.


Bookmark Lectures

Users can bookmark parts of the lecture with notetaking to review later with a single click.


Searchable Notes

Users can take their notes or log their note-taker to the platform.   All notes are easily searchable afterward and time-stamped to take you to the exact part of the lecture.

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SignGlasses Calendar

A remote interpretation
and learning platform

with live sign language interpreting and captioning with optional use of smart glasses technology.

No complicated equipment.
There is no complex setup or equipment needed. All that is required from you is an internet connection for the user's computer and a clip-on mic for the speaker.

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SignGlasses Platform