Greater learning experiences.
Life-changing outcomes.

We are transforming how deaf students learn in classrooms, whether that's a university setting or K-12.

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Solves logistical struggles for schools

Allowing interpreters to interpret from home or an office solves a lot of the logistical headaches for schools.

Schools can access more qualified interpreters

Don't limit yourself to who you can find locally. Sometimes the best interpreter lives across town or across the country.

Deaf students can rewatch lectures

For the first time ever, with our platform, deaf students will be able to rewatch lectures in their native language (ASL).

Less Travel Time

Interpreter no longer have to walk from class to class. This saves the school money and improves the work environment for interpreters.

Unique Technology

SignGlasses is a patented technology that allows school to broadcast their onsite interpreters through a pair of smart glasses to any location -- live. Paired with our video remote interpreting platform, deaf and hard of hearing students receive unprecedented educational access to classroom instruction.

Instead of divided attention between interpreter and presenter, students can now overcome the line of sight issue by seeing what is going on around them without loss of message.

With our softward platform students can bookmark important parts of the lecture and come back and review it again.

High-quality Partners

Working with large universities and top names in wearable tech.

Become a pilot school to get early access and discounted prices

We're looking for a handful of pilot schools to impliment our technology in the classroom. Apply as a pilot school today.

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