Video Remote Interpreting

Certified Deaf/Hearing Interpreter

Job Type

Independent Contractor

Job Summary:

At SignGlasses we provide interpreting services, captioning services, and platform scheduling
services specialized for business, engineering, education, medical and healthcare, legal, and
more. SignGlasses' mission is to give humans the power to communicate and form connections
by bridging the gap between accessibility wherever and whenever needed.
We are seeking like-minded and passionate individuals to join our team as remote Interpreters.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate high-quality ASL - English interpretation in a variety of settings.

  • Ability to handle confidential information and demonstrate industry standard of Code of Professional Conduct

  • Provide effective communication in a virtual services environment

  • Maintain a working knowledge and increased understanding of the subject matter to enable effective interpretation for all required disciplines

  • Demonstrate professionalism in appearance, preparation, and punctuality

  • Provide stellar professionalism to both internal and external customers

  • Work collaboratively and professionally with other interpreters during assignments

Required Skills and Qualification:

  • At least three years of experience interpreting in a professional setting

  • Strong interpersonal skills in various settings

  • Basic knowledge of computer technology to be able to work over video

  • Certificates from either of the following: RID, NAD, BEI, EIPA

Pre-Employment Requirements:

  • Operating systems: Windows 10-11 or MacOS

  • Dedicated confidential workspace